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Non-Sequential Surfaces

In non-sequential models, surfaces are ray traced in the order they are encountered by the light rays rather than the order in which they are entered. The following examples illustrate optical systems which require non-sequential modelling.

Segmented Window: Rays near the edge of the segmented window undergo multiple reflections (due to total internal reflection) between the outer surfaces of the window. They do not pass through the lens, hence, a part of the aperture is virtually obstructed.
Lightpipe : The ray path (i.e. order of surface intersection) changes as a function of the position of the object and of the ray direction.

Bubble : A spherical bubble contained in solid glass. The program automatically detects total internal reflection (TIR) condition.
Refractive Octogon : A sequence of plano surfaces forming an octogon with a hollow internal octogon structure. The model assumes parallel rays entering at a specific angle. Exiting rays are formed by refraction and total internal reflection (TIR) at the octogon facets.

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