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The illumination feature can be used for both imaging and non-imaging systems. Light distribution can be analyzed at any arbitrary surface and is shown as wire-grid plot, contour plot, false-colour plot, or as a photorealistic image (RGB). Includes transmission and absorption effects, vignetting and spectral weighting.

Light Sources

The following light sources are supported:

In addition, for all flat emitting sources and bitmap sources, the angular emission characteristics can be adjusted, including Lambertian characteristics or arbitrary cosx emission characteristics.

Sources may be arbitrarily defined in 3D-space. The number of rays traced for a specific source is unlimited.

Imaging of a 2D Bitmap Picture
Use photos (in PNG, GIF formats) as a source for rendering the image or light distribution at any arbitrary surface in the optical system. The example below shows the blurred image of an eagle.

Source defined as bitmap Extended image using the illumination feature

Ray Sources:
Ray Source Models describe the spacial and angular emittance characteristics of a source by a collection of real rays, where each ray is defined by spatial and angular coordinates, and intensity. Ray sources may be defined in ASCII files or binary files. Binary source files accept the ASAP *.dis file format.

Photo taken from a Tungsten lamp Image Analysis of Tungsten Source based on ray model (1 Mio rays)

Analysis Options

Photorealistic rendering of light distribution Contour plot Slices