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Optical Design Files from Handbook of Optical Systems (Ed. Gross)

This page is a service to all readers of the book "Handbook of Optical Systems" published by Wiley. All optical designs discussed in this book are made available here in digital form.

Handbook of Optical Systems
Volume 4: Survey of Optical Instruments
Gross, Herbert / Blechinger, Fritz / Achtner, Bertram, Wiley VCH
1064 pages, ISBN-10: 3-527-40380-9, ISBN-13: 978-3-527-40380-6

Written by industrial experts, this six-volume, full-color handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the calculation, layout and understanding of optical systems, combining for the first time theoretical aspects of optical modeling with practical optical design.

Contents in Volume 4:
36 Human eye
37 Eyepieces
38 Elementary Systems
39 Photographic lenses
40 Projection Systems
41 Zoom Systems
42 Microscope Optics
43 Telescopes
44 Infrared Systems
45 Miscellaneous Types of Systems

The design files discussed in volume 4 are provided in the native OpTaliX format. Due to the exceptional import/export capabilities of OpTaliX, these files can be easily converted to Code V, Zemax, Oslo and ASAP, if needed. Simply download the shareware version OpTaliX-LT for a 30-days evaluation period in order to convert all files to your preferred software package. After 30 days you are requested to register OpTaliX-LT for a registration fee of 70 Swiss Franks (approx. 80 US-Dollars).

The design files are provided "as is" without any guarantees or warranty. Although we attempted to reproduce the designs from patent literature and other sources with highest fidelity, in no event shall Optenso be liable for any loss of profit or any commercial damage from using these files, included but not limited to special, consequential or other damages.

Download HOC Design Files:

Filename Date Size Description Jan-2009 406 KB All design files presented in the "Handbook of Optical Designs", Vol. 4, from Wiley in the OpTaliX format. Download OpTaliX-LT to view the files, or eventually convert the designs to other formats (Code V, Zemx, Oslo, ASAP).

Note: Make sure to check the option "recurse folders" when extracting the archive.

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