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The design, analysis and optimization of dielectric multi-layer coatings (thin films) is seamlessly integrated to OpTaliX. Thus, it is not necessary to perform a multi-layer design in a separate program and then transfer the data to the optical design. Coatings may have up to 200 layers. Material dispersion and absorption is taken into account.

Coatings may be attached to any optical surface to perform transmission or polarization analysis on system level. The effects of coatings are also included in diffraction analysis such as MTF, PSF, coupling efficiency, etc. A library of standard coating designs (anti-reflection, high- and low-pass filters, band-pass filters, etc.) as well as the most commonly used coating materials is included.

Coating Transmissivity and Reflectivity:
Coating performance may be displayed for reflection or transmission vs. wavelength, incidence angle or both. A spreadsheet coating editor allows modification of the multilayer stack.

Coatings can be optimized (refined). Individual layers may be excluded from refinement.

Not included in OpTaliX-LT
Phase Change:
Plot phase change on reflection or transmission vs. wavelength.

Not included in OpTaliX-LT
Combined plot:
Plot reflection/transmission vs. wavelength and incidence angle simultaneously for any input polarization state. Angular dependencies of coating properties ("blue shift"), as shown for a band pass filter on the plot to the left, are clearly indicated.

Not included in OpTaliX-LT
Coating Target Editor :
Create and edit targets used in coating optimization (refinement). Targets may be reflectivity or transmissivity in either S- or T-plane or may be specified as an average of both.

Not included in OpTaliX-LT

Coating Formula Editor :
Creates a coating design using shorthand notation on the basis of quarter-wave layers. Materials are represented by letter symbols.    (Not included in OpTaliX-LT)