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Glass Diagrams and Glass Manager

Selection of optical glasses is supported by plotting glass characteristics against several criteria (primary dispersion, partial dispersion, Buchdahl chromatic coordinate, different wavelength regimes, etc.). A spreadsheet editor allows the user to add new (user defined) glasses or materials to the glass catalogs. The glass catalogs from Schott, Ohara, Hoya, Corning, Sumita, Cargille and LightPath are already supplied. In addition, many infrared and plastic materials are available in the supplied catalogs.

Glass Map:
Glasses from one or more glass manufacturers can be plotted vs. primary dispersion (Abbe-number) and refractive index.
Glass Map:
Plots the glasses on a linear dispersion scale (nF - nC) instead of Abbe-number
Partial Dispersion:
The partial dispersion for several wavelength regimes (VIS, NIR, MIR, TIR) can also be plotted. Plots can also be shown in terms of the Buchdahl chromatic coordinate as shown below.
Buchdahl Partials:
Plots the dispersion characteristics of optical glasses in terms of the Buchdahl chromatic coordinate h1 and h2. This is a further aid to selecting glasses for apochromatic designs.
GradiumTM Profile:
Plots the refractive index profile of GradiumTM glass as a function of axial position and wavelength.